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ClearPath Aligners

About ClearPath Aligners

Straighten Your Teeth with ClearPath virtually invisible aligners without wires and without brackets!


ClearPath Orthodontics aligners have revolutionized the dental industry and are considered preferred way of correcting the malocclusion (straightening of teeth) by the patients because ClearPath invisible teeth aligners are the clearest, virtually invisible, removable/wearable by the patient and fulfill aesthetics requirements as well.

Hardly anyone will notice that patient is getting the teeth straightened. Patient can wear and remove the ClearPath aligners as needed and can maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Just a series of virtually invisible, customized & removable aligners that gradually straighten the teeth as patient wear them, with each set of aligners moving the teeth bit by bit by applying mild pressure on them.

ClearPath virtually invisible teeth aligners are the future of orthodontics, giving a clear choice to the dentists for the patients who are hesitant to wear wires and brackets and adding great value to enhance the practice of doctors in numbers of ways. ClearPath invisible aligner increases the standard of care and hygiene.

The entire process is designed to deliver customized, virtually invisible, clearest and removable aligners that move each tooth along the most efficient path towards the desired goal. Dentist and patient can see the 3D digital set up (Before and after treatment) at the start of the treatment. By optimizing each aligner, we minimize the number of aligner and intermediate changes required. That means shorter treatment time for patients and increased capacity for practice.


1) First step is to find your nearest ClearPath certified doctor who will provide you all the details and answer all your queries about ClearPath aligners.

2) Then your teeth impressions, X rays and photos are taken by the Doctor and sent to ClearPath besides the prescription form.

3) ClearPath provides you a digital setup with the help of which you can envision the final outcome of the treatment.

4) Once your doctor gives the approval, ClearPath starts manufacturing your aligners, which are sent within 14 working days approx.


1) Once the clearest aligners are received by the dentist/patient, the process is very simple.

2) Patient wears first aligner for 15 days approx and it moves the teeth a little bit.

3) Then patient wears next aligner and it moves them a little bit more.

4) Patient keeps on wearing the aligners in sequence under the supervision of the doctor to correct the malocclusion!


Your lifestyle and smile are both equally important, so why exchange one for the other?

ClearPath Invisible Braces / Aligners Unmatched Features

ClearPath Aligners


Wires & Brackets
AestheticsNearly invisible.Visible.
Oral HygieneWith aligners it’s easier to  clean teeth.Very difficult to maintain  good oral hygiene.
Comfort levelLess irritation and injury  to patient’s cheeks.Constant source of irritation and   discomfort
FoodBetter chewing and digestion  for total body  health.Difficult to chew food while having brackets and wires inside mouth.
HabitsCan correct harmful habits that can distort body growth.Does not help.
During treatmentLess discomfort to patient during the treatment.Painful during treatment.
Chair side timeLess chair side time is required.Lengthy appointments.
VisitsLess visits are required and are also pain free.More frequent visits are required.
Jaw alignmentBetter jaw alignment, proportion and function.Does not help.
Calculated and precise tooth movement and forceCalculated and precise tooth  movements are  given through aligners and controlled force is  applied.No as such control of movements and force.
3D Diagnostic digital setupDoctor and Patient can see the outcome of the treatment in advance.Does not apply.


Virtually Invisible: Clearest Aligners & most people won’t even notice that you are straightening your teeth.

Customized: Specially made for your teeth.

Hygienic: Easy to clean teeth & keep good oral hygiene.

Removable: Eat what you want and then brush and floss (Maintain excellent oral hygiene).

Comfortable: No cuts or scrapes like with braces on the teeth.

Predictable & Effective: (3D Digital setup for before and after view) – See the treatment outcome even before starting it.

ClearPath aligner is a custom made medical grade clearest plastic tray that fits over your teeth and straightens them bit by bit.

ClearPath has made clear aligner treatment affordable for both Doctors and Patients.

What makes the ClearPath invisible aligners so popular among Dental Patients, General Dentist and Orthodontists?

ClearPath invisible teeth aligners are getting immeasurable popularity as these have typical advantage upon the conventional steel wires & braces. ClearPath invisible teeth aligners are completely removable/wearable by patient, easier to clean, almost no irritation and have excellent oral hygiene and better overall body health.

ClearPath invisible teeth aligners are now considered as the top of the line dental treatment and most preferred & aesthetic way to straighten the teeth in all age groups who wants to smile with confidence. ClearPath certified dentists are available in all top cities.

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