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ClearPath Aligners

ClearPath Orthodontics is the first US-FDA-approved clear aligner manufacturing company in Pakistan spreading smiles since 2007. ClearPath Aligners are trusted by more than 200,000 people around the globe. We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence in all processes. ClearPath Aligners are rapidly emerging appliances in the world of orthodontics.

ClearPath Aligners are:

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What We Treat


Malalignment of teeth caused by inadequate space. Teeth overlap and can even become twisted when there isn’t enough room for them in the mouth.


Imperfection in teeth alignment and distance between teeth. A little space is good for teeth. But too much can give you a gap-toothed appearance.


A condition where one or more teeth are not aligned properly in relation to the adjacent and opposing teeth.

Cross Bite

In a crossbite, one or more of your lower teeth overlap the outer surface of your upper teeth. Crossbites can occur in front or back teeth.

Open Bite

In open bite there is no vertical overlap between teeth and open space exists between upper and lower teeth when jaws are closed.

Over Bite

An over bite is when the upper front teeth close down too deeply over the lower front teeth.

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We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence in all processes of manufacturing aligners. ClearPath is notable and being used in more than 26 countries of the world spanning across 6 continents.

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Frequently Ask Questions

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An aligner is a custom made clear plastic tray that fits over your teeth and corrects their positioning.

It depends on the severity of the problem. Your dentist can tell you approximate number of aligners.

With aligners your visits are reduced as well as your chair side time. When using aligners your number of visits and duration of visits are significantly reduced, as it eliminates hefty work of changing wires and brackets.

It depends on the severity of the problem and since it’s an advanced product involving laboratory process so it costs a bit more than the conventional metal wire braces. Your dentist can give you exact cost for your case.

ClearPath aligners are made by an internationally patented unique process, which involves advanced technology supported by customized softwares and mechanical systems

Unlike traditional metal braces, clear aligners gently and discreetly reposition your teeth without the need for visible or painful metal brackets and wires. Since clear aligners are less invasive than traditional braces, most patients find them significantly more comfortable. You may easily remove clear aligners for pictures and functions and replace them at any time because they are easily removable.

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