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How ClearPath Aligners Work

ClearPath’s Aligners are just a series of customized removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth as you wear them!


Think of these sticks as your teeth. You wear first aligner and it moves them a little bit.


Then you wear your next aligner and it moves them a little bit more.


You keep on wearing your aligners in sequence under the supervision of your doctor and you will get a perfect smile!

Real Treated Cases With ClearPath Aligners

Before & After treatment results

  • Before-Diastema, Excessive Spacing
    After-Diastema, Excessive Spacing
    Before Diastema, Excessive Spacing After
  • Before-Crowding, Protrusion, Aesthetic
    After-Crowding, Protrusion, Aesthetic
    Before Crowding, Protrusion, Aesthetic After
  • Before-Crossbite
    Before Crossbite After
  • Before-Deep Bite
    After-Deep Bite
    Before Deep Bite After
  • Before-Crowding, Crossbite
    After-Crowding, Crossbite
    Before Crowding, Crossbite After
  • Before-Periodontal Problem, Overbite
    After-Periodontal Problem, Overbite
    Before Periodontal Problem, Overbite After

Comments of ClearPath aligner's Practitioners

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!

How to get ClearPath Aligners

  • Find your dentist

The first step is to find your nearest ClearPath certified doctor or tell your doctor about ClearPath.

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  • Get evaluated

Your doctor will evaluate your case with ClearPath’s technical team to decide if you are a good candidate for ClearPath invisible aligners treatment.

Dentist - ClearPath Orthodontics
  • Submission of case records

Your doctor will take photos, x-rays, intra-oral digitally scan or physical impressions of your teeth and submit to ClearPath along with treatment and diagnostic form.

Submission of case records - ClearPath Orthodontics
  • CP SMART 3D Digital Setup

ClearPath will provide an interactive 3D digital setup of your teeth within seven working days to the doctor to review the final outcome of the treatment. Your doctor will provide feedback / approval to proceed for aligners manufacturing.

ClearPath SMART 3D Diagnostic Setup_200x100
  • Manufacturing and shipping of aligners

ClearPath will make a series of customized aligners within fourteen working days to be dispatched to treating doctor. Your doctor will guide you how to use the aligners to get the treatment done.

Manufacturing and shipping of aligners

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