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ClearPath Orthodontics

ClearPath Orthodontics is the first and the only FDA approved aligner manufacturing company in Pakistan – The brand most trusted by doctors

We strive to maintain highest standards of quality and excellence in all processes. We treat every client with highest dedication and responsibility. ClearPath aligners are one of the rapidly emerging appliances in the world of orthodontics. 

ClearPath aligners are:







How It Works


Step 1:

Find Your Certified Dentist

Find nearest ClearPath certified dentist. Your doctor will evaluate your case with our tech team. We offer doctor-led treatment, the safest and healthiest way to straighten your teeth.


Step 2:

Impressions /Scanning

Using our latest 3D intra-oral digital scanner, your doctor can take fast and precise 3D digital scan of your teeth and will map a custom treatment plan.


Step 3:

CP Smart 3D Digital Setup

ClearPath will provide an interactive 3D digital setup of your teeth. Your doctor will provide feedback / approval to proceed for aligners manufacturing.


Step 4:

Receive Your Aligners

ClearPath will make a series of customized aligners to be dispatched to treating doctor. Your doctor will guide you how to use the aligners to get the treatment done.

Why Choose



Straighten your teeth without anyone noticing it with ClearPath Aligners - FDA approved material that will not stain or darken during your treatment.


ClearPath is affordable. The cost of treatment is similar to braces. It varies from case to case depending on the severity of malocclusion.


End to end 3D technology and 3D smile preview, treatment regularly monitored by professional dentists to ensure precise fit for predictable and comfortable journey


With ClearPath's smart track technology get your new smile in the average of 6 months time span with the experts you can trust.


About ClearPath Aligners

We believe that everyone deserves a perfect smile. That's why we've made straightening your teeth easier and cheaper than ever before.

We’ve seen a patient’s eyes light up while they’re wearing clear aligners because the outcomes are the same as braces before and after, and their smile has changed in a couple of months. Patients’ trust in us has grown day by day as we continue to improve. Our orthodontic braces are crack resistant and have unmatched tensile strength. They are based on years of research, publications, and our orthodontists’ input. We ClearPath Orthodontics take satisfaction in seeing our patients’ smiles brighten in front of our eyes.

— ClearPath Orthodontics

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The only US-FDA approved aligners manufacturing company in Pakistan

— The Brand most trusted by Doctors —


ClearPath has professional dentists & orthodontists trained in diagnosis and correction of malocclusion of teeth.

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