Looking for Clear Aligners like Invisalign (But Better)?

A clear aligner placed under warm light

Are you seeking an alternative to traditional metal braces for a more discreet, comfortable, and affordable way to straighten your teeth? 

Well, ClearPath Aligners might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Imagine clear, removable dental coverings, personalized to gently guide your teeth into their ideal position. 

Notably a more cost-effective option compared to Invisalign in Pakistan, these appliances promise at least the same (if not better, in some malocclusion cases) teeth straightening efficacy and material quality that is well-suited to the South Asian context – if not our global audience/client base (who might stand to reap even more budget savings!).

In this piece, we’ll dive into a detailed comparison between ClearPath Aligners and Invisalign, explaining why ClearPath Aligners have grown to be the obvious choice for a smooth dental alignment treatment protocol in the country.

“A radiant smile serves as a universal form of expression, and the quest for flawlessly aligned teeth is a shared aspiration.” 

At ClearPath Ortho, our mission is to actualize this dream for each of our clients, and ClearPath aligners just happen to be the most promising orthodontic device in our arsenal geared toward this end 🙌.

The Rise of ClearPath Aligners

Clearpath Clear Aligners on the left and Invisalign aligners on the right
ClearPath Clear Aligners on the left, and Invisalign clear aligners on the right (note the clarity of the former)

Now, for those new to the concept, think of ClearPath Aligners as a close cousin to Invisalign (though unrelated in any commercial/business sense).

Both work pretty much the same. But in our experience, ClearPath aligners can offer speedier results in some cases (perhaps as an indirect consequence of – again – more manageable pricing)

These transparent orthodontic devices – if you didn’t already know by this point – are designed to discreetly straighten misaligned teeth. 

So, their obvious aesthetic benefits for conscious wearers (all of us, really 🤷‍♀️) are not hard to fathom. And it really is safe to say that they make a far better alternative to traditional braces for mild-to-moderate (the vast majority of) malocclusion cases.

ClearPath Aligners vs Invisalign: How Each Fares

A Pakistani celebrity removing his old cracked Invisalign clear aligners, while being presented with a set of new ClearPath clear aligners by his orthodontist.
A Pakistani celebrity removing his old cracked Invisalign aligners while being presented with a set of new ClearPath clear aligners by his orthodontist

ClearPath Aligners and Invisalign both utilize clear aligner systems, employing a sequence of plastic trays to gradually reposition your teeth.

Nonetheless, there are noteworthy distinctions that tip the scales in favor of ClearPath Aligners as the superior choice for orthodontic treatments in the country.

Let’s explore some important attributes of Invisalign and highlight how ClearPath Aligners stack up against them.


In Pakistan, Invisalign stands out as one of the priciest options for transparent teeth straightening. Period.

Typically, the average cost of Invisalign treatment spans between Rs. 300,000* to Rs. 600,000*, varying with the treatment’s complexity and duration.

However, the game changes when we consider ClearPath Aligners. Here, the average cost of treatment ranges from Rs.150,000* to Rs. 250,000*, depending on the case and treatment plan. 

This remarkable difference implies potential savings of up to 50% by opting for ClearPath Aligners over Invisalign!

* Prices may vary with individual orthodontist plans


Invisalign originates from production centers in the USA and Mexico and is imported to Pakistan. As can be expected, this intake process poses potential risks of delays, damages, or customs-related issues during shipping (which aren’t all too uncommon). 

Additionally, Invisalign aligners are composed of a patented compound they call ‘SmartTrack’, a material known to be susceptible to staining and cracking.

In contrast, ClearPath Aligners are locally manufactured in Pakistan, utilizing US-FDA-approved materials and under very strictly regulated, global-industry-aligned production/printing SOPs.

This ‘immediate availability advantage’ totally eliminates the risk of shipping or customs complications. 

Moreover, ClearPath Aligners boast high-quality, durable materials that resist staining and are less prone to cracking, ensuring a reliable/ powerful, and long-lasting solution for teeth straightening.


In the Invisalign treatment process, regular dentist visits every 4 to 6 weeks are necessary to receive new sets of aligners and monitor progress. For many busy individuals facing long travel distances or needing time off work or school, this routine can be highly inconvenient and time-consuming. 

Additionally, Invisalign lacks after-sales services or warranties in case of treatment dissatisfaction or issues if you’re in Pakistan – a big bummer (as of November 2023)!

On the flip side, ClearPath Aligners necessitate fewer dentist visits, spaced out every 8 to 12 weeks for new aligners and progress checks. 

This extended interval can be a significant time and cost-saver, minimizing travel and appointment expenses. 

What’s more?

ClearPath Aligners stand out by offering a lifetime warranty, ensuring free replacement in the event of genuine aligner defects or damages. 

This obviously provides added peace of mind in your teeth-straightening journey 🤓.


Invisalign claims the ability to address a range of dental issues such as crowding, spacing, rotations, crossbite, open bite, and overbite. 

However, achieving these corrections often entails wearing attachments or buttons on your teeth alongside the aligners. 

These attachments, small pieces of composite resin, are bonded to your teeth. But they can be visible, uncomfortable, and troublesome to clean.

Conversely, ClearPath Aligners can effectively address most dental issues without the need for any attachments or buttons on your pearlies 😉. 

This key difference renders them more discreet, comfortable, and easier to maintain cleanliness. 

What’s more?

ClearPath Aligners can often deliver faster results compared to Invisalign, leveraging advanced software and algorithms to optimize tooth movement.

Why ClearPath Aligners are the Sensible Choice in Pakistan

An orthodontist fitting an aligner tray
An orthodontist fitting an aligner tray

ClearPath Aligners surpass not only Invisalign but also traditional braces and other available clear aligner systems in the country. 

Here are additional compelling reasons why opting for them may likely be the right choice for your smile:


Since 2007, ClearPath Orthodontics has successfully treated over 200,000 individuals worldwide. Patients presenting with all sorts of teeth misalignment concerns. The company was, in fact, a pioneer in introducing clear aligner technology in the country. Other, less experienced brands have only very recently caught on the trend.


ClearPath Orthodontics proudly holds certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) – accreditation that bears testament to its qualitative rigor during the aligner manufacturing process.


At ClearPath Orthodontics, innovation and enhancement are part of our DNA. We leverage highly intricate and cutting-edge 3D scanning, printing, and specialized software to craft precise, personalized aligners for every patient. 

Going the extra mile, we even provide a mobile dental unit service that conveniently visits your home or office to take impressions and deliver your readied aligner trays. 


ClearPath Orthodontics is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service and ensuring client satisfaction. 

We go the extra mile by offering a range of complimentary services, including free consultations, sophisticated smile simulations, and branded starter kits (on a case-by-case basis). 

Moreover, our commitment is solidified with a lifetime warranty, free replacements, a money-back guarantee, and a lucrative referral program.

Additionally, we’ve assembled a devoted team of customer support representatives to address all client queries or concerns, ensuring a seamless and supportive experience throughout your aligner journey.

The Practical Edge of ClearPath Aligners

Clearpath aligners are more budget friendly than Invisalign
Clearpath aligners are more budget-friendly than Invisalign

Affordability Matters

In a country like Pakistan, where healthcare choices are greatly influenced by accessibility and affordability, ClearPath Aligners provide a practical solution as the teeth-straightening answer for many. 

The relative cost-effectiveness of our appliances widens access to quality orthodontic care for a more diverse demographic, ensuring valuable treatment is within reach for more individuals.

Cultural and Social Harmony

Seamlessly blending into Pakistan’s cultural norms, ClearPath Aligners offer virtually unparalleled discretion and subtlety. The advantage of undergoing orthodontic treatment without attracting unnecessary attention is a significant benefit in a society that emphasizes modesty (even if for questionable reasons, sometimes).

Personalized Treatment Experience

Upon approval, we’ll craft your customized clear aligners using top-quality thermoplastic material. To ensure a comfortable and snug fit, we’ll monitor your progress, make adjustments or repairs if needed, and provide a retainer upon completing your treatment to maintain your results.


To initiate your transformative journey with ClearPath Aligners, book a free consultation with one of our certified orthodontics 🤓.

During this assessment, we’ll evaluate your teeth, jaws, and facial structure. This helps us ensure our clear braces are the right fit for you. Our innovative software will simulate tooth movements and the outcome of your treatment.

To get started, just fill out the form given below ✍. Our friendly customer support team will take it from there.

And if you have any feedback or queries regarding this post, head on over to the waiting comments field!

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