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About ClearPath Aligners

We believe that everyone deserves a perfect smile. That's why we've made straightening your teeth easier and cheaper than ever before.

We’ve seen a patient’s eyes light up while they’re wearing clear aligners because the outcomes are the same as braces before and after, and their smile has changed in a couple of months. Patients’ trust in us has grown day by day as we continue to improve. Our orthodontic braces are crack resistant and have unmatched tensile strength. They are based on years of research, publications, and our orthodontists’ input. We ClearPath Orthodontics take satisfaction in seeing our patients’ smiles brighten in front of our eyes.

What is Clear Aligner, and how does it work?

The ClearPath Aligner is a cost-effective alternative to traditional braces. It uses transparent, innovative technology that allows you to get your perfect smile without the embarrassment or discomfort that traditional procedures such as metal wires and brackets might cause.

Advanced dental clear aligners are effective at straightening up overlapping, crooked, or gappy teeth. This method allows clear braces to customize their treatment to your specific orthodontic demands. Clear Aligner attempts to ensure that orthodontic treatment has the minimal amount of influence on your speech and daily life as possible. This is why most teeth straightening techniques are designed to be ‘invisible’ while also being removable.

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The ClearPath Aligners Therapy Procedure


In our orthodontic services, our dentist will assess whether clear aligner therapy is best for you during your appointment. To begin, your dentist will examine your gums and teeth for any gaps or crowding. They’ll also talk about your smiling goals and come up with a treatment plan that’s unique to you.

Digital Imaging:

Our dentist will take a series of digital images of your mouth and also an impression of your teeth. Your dentist may make adjustments to the molds to ensure that your teeth can properly align. After that, your dentist will send the pictures and imprints to a specialized laboratory, which will create your first set of clear aligners.

Fitting and Following Procedure:

Your dentist will examine your aligners after they can finish ensuring proper fit and alignment. However, each pair will be worn for 20-22 hours per day. As directed by the dentist, replace them every 10days/two weeks. You’ll visit our clinic every 6 weeks to pick up your next set of aligners and have the dentist check your teeth to make sure they’re on track.

How does our treatment work?

Our best cosmetic dentistry follows a smile journey mission to see what it’s like to go through aligner therapy.

Consulting the doctor

Begin treatment

Hybrid examination

A final smile

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