What We Treat


Malalignment of teeth caused by inadequate space. Teeth overlap and can even become twisted when there isn’t enough room for them in the mouth.


Imperfection in teeth alignment and distance between teeth. A little space is good for teeth. But too much can give you a gap-toothed appearance.


A condition where one or more teeth are not aligned properly in relation to the adjacent and opposing teeth.

Cross Bite

In a crossbite, one or more of your lower teeth overlap the outer surface of your upper teeth. Crossbites can occur in front or back teeth.

Open Bite

In open bite there is no vertical overlap between teeth and open space exists between upper and lower teeth when jaws are closed.

Over Bite

An over bite is when the upper front teeth close down too deeply over the lower front teeth.

Is It Right For You?

Wires & BracketsClearPath Aligners
3D Diagnostic digital setupDoes not apply.Doctor and Patient can see the outcome of the treatment in advance.
AestheticsVisible.Nearly invisible.
Calculated and precise tooth movement and forceNo as such control of movements and force.Calculated and precise tooth movements are given through aligners and controlled force is applied.
Chair side timeLengthy appointments.Less chair side time is required.
Comfort levelConstant source of irritation and discomfortLess irritation and injury to patient’s cheeks.
During treatmentPainful during treatment.Less discomfort to patient during the treatment.
FoodDifficult to chew food while having brackets and wires inside mouth.Better chewing and digestion for total body health.
HabitsDoes not help.Can correct harmful habits that can distort body growth.
Jaw alignmentDoes not help.Better jaw alignment, proportion and function.
Oral HygieneVery difficult to maintain good oral hygiene.With aligners it’s easier to clean teeth.

ClearPath Aligners are

Virtually Invisible: Clearest Aligners & most people won’t even notice that you are straightening your teeth.

Customized: Specially made for your teeth.

Hygienic: Easy to clean teeth & keep good oral hygiene.

Removable: Eat what you want and then brush and floss (Maintain excellent oral hygiene).

Comfortable: No cuts or scrapes like with braces on the teeth.

Predictable & Effective: (3D Digital setup for before and after view) – See the treatment outcome even before starting it.

ClearPath aligner is a custom made medical grade clearest plastic tray that fits over your teeth and straightens them bit by bit.

ClearPath has made clear aligner treatment affordable for both Doctors and Patients.