Are Braces Necessary for Fixing an Overbite? Read to Find Out

One of the most obvious issues that need orthodontic care is an overbite. Overbites are an orthodontic disorder that is frequently treated as soon as possible because they can potentially lead to physical and psychological issues. The severity of the case affects the treatment schedule and methods.

What is an overbite?

When the upper jaw and teeth cross the lower jaw and teeth, this is known as an overbite. Overbites are a kind of malocclusion, according to dentists and orthodontists. An overbite can be horizontal or vertical. A horizontal overbite is when the top teeth extend over the bottom teeth, whereas a vertical overbite is when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth more commonly known as overjet. Patients may exhibit both of these symptoms. An overbite may also be skeletal or dental. Dental overbites occur when the teeth are positioned incorrectly, and skeletal overbites are brought on by the jaw. The most frequent dental condition in kids is overbites.

Overjet vs Overbite

Overjet and overbite are sometimes mistaken. The arrangement of the top and bottom rows of teeth causes both malocclusions.

The top row of teeth points down directly when there is an overbite. The top row of teeth pushes diagonally forward due to an overjet. If you have overjet, you can use traditional braces or clear aligners to correct the misalignment.

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Braces for Overbites Correction

Most overbite issues can be resolved with braces. X-rays are used in the assessment stage to help identify the kind of overbite and the alignment of the teeth and jaw. After that, the upper and lower dental arches are fitted with braces in Pakistan. The teeth are first straightened and aligned by the archwire. Elastics (small rubber bands) may be utilized in the second stage of braces to gradually move the jawline into the proper position. To assist in moving the teeth and jaw, the bands are attached to the brackets from top to bottom or front to back. Before eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth, the bands are taken off and replaced.

Wearing a retainer or using a permanent wire to keep the teeth in the right position is the final step in treatment. Some patients can choose to correct their overbite using ceramic or lingual braces or ClearPath aligners, which are more discreet solutions. Before choosing the type of treatment you desire, it is advisable to speak with your dentist because not all treatment types are suitable for all cases.

When Should Treatment Start?

Generally speaking, the earlier orthodontic treatment may begin for an overbite, the better. A patient is harming their teeth if they grind their teeth and clench their jaw. Some overbites make it difficult to clean the teeth, putting the patient at risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Regular headaches, migraines, and jaw pain can interfere with daily activity. Some patients see an improvement in their health conditions as soon as their braces in Lahore begin moving their jaw into position.

Can an Overbite Be Fixed by Braces Alone?

For certain adults with significant skeletal overbites and jaw issues, surgery is necessary to realign the jaw in addition to braces. In addition to other procedures like surgery or teeth extractions, braces must be used. For extractions, an orthodontist recommends patients to a dentist or oral surgeon. Growing jaws let children and some teenagers adjust their jaws into the proper position with braces, reducing the risk of surgery. A palate expander may be used in the early treatment of children to expand the jaw so that the crowded teeth in a small jaw can fit. A larger jaw makes it simpler for the braces to shift teeth into the proper position and eliminates the need for removing teeth.

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How Long Will Braces Take to Correct an Overbite?

One of the orthodontic problems that take the longest to correct with braces is a deep overbite. The overbite is frequently not the only issue, either. There are several problems to resolve because the patient often has overcrowding or misaligned teeth. Although every situation is unique, severe overbite cases may require braces for at least two years. A retainer is used to keep the teeth in place after the braces in Lahore are removed.

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