How Much Time Clear Aligners Take to Treat Malocclusions

Clear aligners are gaining popularity with every passing day. People prefer transparent aligners over traditional braces because they can hide the correction procedure of their crooked teeth. In other words, it’s nearly hard to tell that your grin is still a “work in progress”! You might be wondering how long clear aligners last and how long they take to work. You will learn more about clear aligners in Lahore in this article so, make sure you follow us till the end.

How do clear aligners function?

A set of plastic trays called invisible aligners are molded to suit your teeth and gradually correct them. Then how do aligners function? They work on the premise that small, gradual tooth movements are best. You need to change to a new pair of clear aligners every one to two weeks according to the doctor’s instructions.

These braces in Lahore must be worn for at least 22 hours each day and must be taken off before eating or brushing your teeth. You must use clear aligners as prescribed by your dentist if you want to see the desired results.

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Use of clear aligners

It would be best if you went through various procedures for your clear aligners to be customized. Let us discuss the following:

  • 3D scan: A three-dimensional computerized model is produced during the phase, the 3D scan, to help in the design of your customized invisible aligners. Your orthodontist attempts to determine how and when your teeth should shift into their new places. As the pace of movement depends on the type of movement made.
  • Choosing whether or not clear aligners are the right choice for you: The complexity of every case varies, just as with every smile. Your dentist is the best person to inform you whether clear aligners are good for you. Your orthodontist will let you know whether clear aligners will work for you after reviewing the results of your 3D scan.
  • Fabrication of clear aligners: If everything goes according to plan, your orthodontist will submit your 3D models to the lab to create your customized invisible aligners.

Time-consuming Orthodontic Treatment Factors

Some people may need six months of treatment with clear aligners in Lahore, while others may need 18 months. It typically takes 8 to 10 months, depending on the following variables:

Dental Hygiene Procedures

To ensure you complete your treatment on schedule, your gums and teeth must be clean and healthy. Improper oral care can cause gum irritation and slow down the mobility of the teeth.

A Dentist’s Treatment Plan

Consult a qualified and experienced orthodontist to ensure the best results from clear aligners. A competent orthodontist can accurately identify your condition and create a treatment strategy just for you.

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Complexity of The Problems

Some orthodontic issues, such as tiny gaps between the teeth or slight crowding, can be resolved in as little as six months. However, some people have many orthodontic problems, such as severe crowding of upper front teeth, which may lengthen the treatment process.


Clear aligners have been found to produce quicker results in teenagers because growing teeth move more quickly. Adults should expect clear aligner therapy to be just as effective but take a little longer to complete.


Your orthodontist will explain how to wear your aligners and how long it takes them to start working. To ensure that your therapy goes as planned, you should commit to wearing them as instructed. Wearing aligners in Lahore imperfectly can cause your treatment to take far longer than your doctor expected.

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