Want Your Malocclusion Treated at the Best Aligners Price in Pakistan?

A Pakistani man holding clear aligners and a cash-strapped wallet

Are misaligned teeth, gaps in your grin, a crooked jaw structure, or other malocclusion issues wearing you down? And you’d like a: 

      • Discreet (practically invisible!), 

      • Highly effective, 

      • Virtually painless, and, 

      • Rigorously research-backed,

    prime quality dental fix to make things right? 

    Restore your smiling confidence with breathtaking Cinderella (or Prince Charming – your pick) flair. 😃

    No, we’re not spinning any Disney fantasy here.

    At ClearPath Ortho – Pakistan’s premier, FDA-approved clear aligner manufacturer – we only deal with serious, confidential, results-backed teeth straightening reality. 👩‍💻

    Using our proprietary, cutting-edge invisible braces technology, we take great care to work some profound magic in our clients’ facial profiles (both in the country and abroad). And their personal, professional, and social lives, by extension.

    But don’t let any talk of braces price in Pakistan (or aligners cost elsewhere) rain on your parade.

    As we explain below – in this updated and market-verified guide on dental aligner/brace price ranges in the country (2023-2024) – there’s no shortage of options.

    Despite what you may have heard, the brand/quality of teeth braces or aligners you choose will have transformative effects on your oral health. So, you need to choose your treatment course carefully – and wisely. 

    In the long run, a reasonable investment in straightening your teeth with top-rated aligners will yield a lifetime of confidence and comfort! Something no one can put a cost label on.

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    Ok, then, how much do invisible braces cost in Pakistan?

    A woman holding a pair of invisible aligners/clear braces up for inspection

    Clear aligner close-up

    The complexity of the case (degree of movement/pressure required to straighten your teeth and jaw), the duration of the procedure, and the dental practice doing the treatment all decide the exact cost of the aligner regimen. Of course, these assessments must be taken by a certified orthodontist.

    ClearPath aligners’/invisible braces price in Pakistan varies from PKR 150,000-450,000, depending on the level of patient malocclusion.

    This price range is roughly concurrent with the cost tariffs of traditional, sturdy material, metallic, and other braces (ceramic and lingual).

    The price point, further, is notably lower than that of uber-branded options like Invisalign (with similar – and even better – treatment outcomes). 

    One thing to note about these imported kits, like the ones from the company mentioned, is their lack of official presence in Pakistan. So, when you opt for them, you’d likely be paying a much higher premium for the same level/standards of care! 

    Not a good budget/savings prospect.

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    What is the lowest price of braces in the country (overall)?

    Another snap of clear aligners - from the side

    Clear Aligners – partial side-view

    Now, if you’re scouting for the lowest-priced dental braces in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, or just about any local city, here’s a number:

    PKR 80,000 – the lowest braces cost in Pakistan (barring a few exceptions).

    But at this price range and below, you’re prey to a SERIOUS risk of compromising on material quality and treatment efficacy. 

    And as any dental practitioner would attest, it is much better to take the proper, medically-accredited course to fix something as life-consequential as your teeth and smile (there’s no separating the two). 

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    Got it. Now, give me the full spill on braces price in Pakistan

    A woman wearing metal braces holding up a tray of invisible aligners

    A woman wearing metal braces holding up a tray of invisible aligners

    Sure thing.

    Here’s all of our current intel on this (corrected for this year). 

    Please note that the figures/ranges listed in the table below are near approximates. Individual consultancy, dental clinics, and orthodontic setups (dealing with more advanced misalignment cases) can vary their prices from the scales given.  

    Clear Aligners Cost in Pakistan – in context

    If you want a quick, free appraisal of clear aligners cost in Pakistan – as it might stand for you, personally – please reach out to us via the contact form at the bottom of this page. Here’s how it fares against the prices of its more revealing teeth-straightening peers.

    Metal (Traditional) Braces100K-200K$350-$710
    Ceramic Braces160K-200K$550-$715
    Lingual Braces250K-400K$880-$1450
    Clear Aligners150K-450K$530-$1500
    * Per October 2023 currency exchange rates. The USD figures are for purchases made in/from Pakistan post-conversion.

    Please read our comprehensive ‘Aligners vs Braces’ piece for detailed insights into each of these options.

    ClearPath Ortho’s Invisible Aligner/Teeth Straightening Tech

    A ClearPath Ortho tech designing a clear aligners tray

    An orthodontist scrutinizing a patient’s dental structure for designing an aligner tray

    Our invisible braces are competitively priced and can straighten teeth even within six months (for mild-to-moderate misalignment cases), making them one of the quickest and most effective methods for straightening teeth currently available.

    Have we mentioned that their safety and dental hygiene profile is also unparalleled? 

    Our clear aligners, further, are created by utilizing 3D printing technology customized – minutely – for each person. The non-BPA and latex-free clear plastic material used to construct them makes wearing them much more comfortable than traditional wires and braces (which can sometimes damage your mouth’s insides).

    How It Works (starting with ClearPath’s expert dental impressions – ending with beautiful, straight teeth!)

    An orthodontist taking a patient's 3d dental impressions for designing a batch of invisible aligners

    A certified orthodontist taking a patient’s 3D dental scans/imagery for designing invisible aligners

    Here’s the step-by-step of what you can expect at a ClearPath Ortho supervised orthodontist treatment/consultancy visit:

    Personalized and guided care 

    Your dentist or orthodontist will walk you through the procedure and design a plan of action based on your unique case of malocclusion/requirements.

    Modern/cutting-edge 3D dental imaging 

    Your dentist will be able to monitor your progress and keep you on the road to straighter teeth thanks to our advanced 3D imaging techniques. Additionally, you’ll be able to track your progress yourself and observe how your treatment advances.

    Simple to wear and take out 

    Our clear aligners are simple to take out, allowing you to eat and drink without any problems and in line with your mood. Absolutely no food limitations exist! Plus, brushing and flossing are not restricted in any way.

    Straighter teeth in months 

    Our invisible braces will shift your teeth covertly and safely throughout your treatment, helping you to unearth the vision that is your natural smile 🙂. Plus, with close-fit retainers (read our complete guide), you can be sure of maintaining your facial signature.

    Our services are global (tethered to aligners price in Pakistan)

    As we hinted at the start, our dedicated teeth alignment services are international. Our overseas dental alignment patients can stand to reap considerable savings thanks to our commitment toward ‘tethering’ their purchases in line with clear aligners price in Pakistan (by as much as is manageable on a case-by-case basis).

    To date, we’ve been able to beautify the dental/facial profiles of more than 200,000 satisfied clients in more than 26 countries.

    And we’re still working on calculating the daily influxes we receive in our busy ClearPath Ortho-affiliated treatment centers – nationwide – to add to this figure (which is a little dated, full disclosure). 

    CONTACT US TODAY to Begin Your Clear Aligner Journey

    Because it’s a shame to keep those pearly whites under wraps or ugly metal braces.

    Just reach out to us via the contact form below ✍

    Our friendly customer support team will take care of the rest.

    Your journey toward a ‘model countenance’ – Vogue Magazine (front cover style) – begins today! 🙌

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