How Clear Aligner Treatment Gained Popularity Over Time

In the previous two decades, precise aligner technology has advanced dramatically. Clear aligners are innovative as the use of removable devices to reshape and place teeth dates back to the 1940s. The aligners have been significantly enhanced to improve the efficacy of teeth movement. Now, clear aligner treatment has altered the game. Instead of wearing clear braces to change the alignment of their teeth, patients now have a significantly more invisible choice on the market. As a result, clear aligners are an excellent solution for teens and adults. So, how did this ground-breaking treatment come to be? So let’s take a look at the history of clear aligners.

The Tooth Positioning Device:

In 1945, Herald Dean Kesling envisioned a device that could shift teeth to their desired positions without wires. This resulted in the development of a device known as the Tooth Positioning Appliance, constructed initially of flexible rubber.

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Plastic Sheet:

In 1959, Dr. Henry Nahoum expanded on Keslin’s invention to make plastic sheets that could move teeth. This “Vacuum Formed Dental Contour Appliance” was created to shift teeth in small increments.

Clear Aligners Revolution:

Dr. Robert Ponitz first employed vacuum-formed clear aligners to keep teeth in place following orthodontic treatment 1971. 

James A. McNamara improved this concept in 1985 to create his invisible retainers from thermoplastic Biocryl, a sophisticated biocomposite material. 

John J. Sheridan introduced his thermoplastic appliance for single-use modifications in 1993.

Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth developed a way to manufacture clear retainers that moved teeth in stages in 1997. They founded Align Technology, which marketed the Invisalign system.

Todays Aligners: The Evolution of Invisible Aligners:

Today’s Clear aligner system combines the principles put out with modern technology. Aligners are made of clear, thermoplastic material and tailored to the patient’s dental arches. Treatment planning plays an important role in treatment of the malocclusion.

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Aligners Are Gaining Popularity:

Clear Aligners have progressively gained popularity and are now widely used by dentists. That brings us to the present day. Despite the arrival of several new, low-cost competitors, Invisalign remains one of the most popular systems of clear plastic aligners on the market. Aligners are the leading choice for patients seeking a new smile without braces.

There are many aligner brands in the world but people are mostly interested to get treatment from FDA-approved brands. In Pakistan, ClearPath Orthodontics is the first US FDA-approved aligner manufacturing company and provides the most professional treatment planning.

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Clear Aligner Treatment At ClearPath:

In recent years, clear aligner treatment has advanced significantly. And for many people, it is an effective and unique treatment alternative! Aligners require a significant time commitment; they may only be suitable for some. Brushing after eating and wearing aligners at least 22 hours daily are necessary for success.

Patients at ClearPath get the most professional aligner therapy. We’ll connect you with your nearest ClearPath-certified doctor for the aligner treatment. The digital scan of your teeth is very important to get an accurate image of where your teeth’ position is. Do you want to learn more about how orthodontic treatment can help you achieve a flawless smile? Contact through ClearPath social channels or website today for a free consultation.

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