Want to Know How’s the Life with Clear Aligners?

Have you ever asked with curiosity and envy, “How her teeth are so straight and aligned all of a sudden?” when watching a star on television? It wasn’t as straight a few months ago, and I don’t remember seeing her with metal braces then! This “new and improved” smile may have been made possible by a set of clear aligners in Pakistan. Clear aligners let you have the best smile by straightening your teeth without sacrificing comfort or beauty.

You decided to start the journey to having beautiful teeth and a straight smile. Your aligners will guide you to achieve the most incredible smile. Living with clear aligners in Pakistan will be easier thanks to the helpful advice in the following guide. You’ll be glad to find that aligners Pakistan fit into your life, not the other way around, as you move forward.

Clear aligners cleaning:

Cleaning your aligners regularly will help prevent the growth of bacteria in the aligner trays. Cleaning is simple; you must gently brush them with a toothbrush and wash them each night. Additionally, Invisalign has developed a cleaning system with specific instructions to help you maintain the hygienic condition of your aligners. You will receive the information and instructions from your dentist.

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Putting on your clear aligners:

Your custom-made aligners are comfortable to wear. Wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours daily for the best results from this easy teeth-straightening solution. Take out the aligners when you’re ready to drink or eat, enjoy your meal, brush your teeth afterward, and then carefully put them back in.

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Eating and drinking:

To prevent plaque and bacteria from accumulating on the brackets of traditional braces, you must cut certain foods out of your diet. You can take off the aligners with Invisalign to eat your favorite dishes and drink hot beverages. Drinking hot coffee, tea, and other liquids while using aligners is not advised. The heat from the drink may harm the aligner and slow your progress.

Pressure and uncomfort:

The aligners are gradually realigning your teeth. Each new aligner set will cause pressure and discomfort during the first few days. The discomfort is often mild; however, if you suffer significant pain, you should talk to your dentist to see whether the schedule for your aligners needs to be changed.

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Getting new sets of aligners:

Every six to eight weeks, your dentist will schedule checkup appointments. When you need to pick up your next set of aligners will depend on how well you’re progressing. Each set is typically worn for up to two weeks or as directed by your dentist.

Try to live life to the fullest:

You won’t be stopped from leading the best life possible. Since they are clear, most people won’t even know that you are wearing aligners.You’ll keep eating all the things you love, participating in the activities and sports you like, brushing and flossing, and living life to the fullest.

You can maintain a regular schedule, carry on with your everyday activities, and establish a healthy oral hygiene routine with clear aligners. To find out if clear aligners are the right choice for your needs and if teeth braces prices in Pakistan are cost-effective, then schedule an appointment with clear path if you’re interested in learning more.

ClearPath Orthodontics Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry Rawalpindi

With the collaboration of Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Orthodontics department, ClearPath Orthodontics conducted one-day 3D CAD/CAM Clear Aligner Technology Training course/workshop.

Commandant AFID Maj. General Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Rana Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military) honored the occasion with his prestigious presence as a chief guest.

Col. Dr. Abdullah Jan HOD Orthodontics AFID welcomed the guests and supervised the whole event gracefully.

The honorary presence of Brig. Muhammad Ahsan GHQ-DS7, Prof. Dr. Ulfat Bashir Raja Principal Islamic International Medical and Dental College Rawalpindi, and Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Siddique Islamabad Medical Dental College glorified the event.

Dr. Waqas Wahab (Founder & CEO ClearPath Orthodontics & KOL Henry Schein Orthodontics) facilitated the 3D CAD/CAM Clear Aligner Technology workshop along with Col. Dr. Abdullah Jan HOD Orthodontics AFID. The lecture was followed by a detailed hands-on training session.

Commandant AFID Maj. General Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Rana HI (Military) highly appreciated the efforts of Dr. Waqas Wahab for introducing the cutting-edge 3D CAD/CAM Clear Aligner Technology and providing the platform for dental professionals to learn about the new technology in dentistry.

We are thankful to Commandant AFID Maj. General Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Rana HI (Military), Col. Dr. Abdullah Jan HOD Orthodontics AFID, and the whole team of AFID for the great hospitality and overwhelming response.

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