Why You Need to Correct Both Arches When Straightening Teeth

You wish to fix some orthodontic difficulties, such as crowded teeth or teeth that are slightly misaligned. That’s fantastic! Deciding to straighten your teeth is an excellent one, and we are delighted to see you do so. Changes should only be made to your upper or lower arch. Doesn’t that sound simple? But, your orthodontist advises you that you will need to work with both arches for treatment.

Why Is Arch Correction Needed?

To begin, the arches are the top and bottom areas of your teeth also known as your “bite”. If we simply focused on straightening the teeth, the arches may become misaligned when speaking or eating, which could lead to more difficulties in the future. As a result, when a patient is advised to have teeth removed, the same number of teeth must be obtained from both the top and bottom arch to maintain balance and symmetry. This is also why many patients wonder when their aligners will be removed near the end of treatment because their smile appears beautiful in the mirror.

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The Goal of Fixing Both Arches:

If you have crooked teeth, you must have them straightened. When straightening your teeth, correcting both arches can assist create a more equal bite, improving your overall smile. Also, straightening both arches can reduce the chance of developing dental problems in the future. Using arched brackets to correct your teeth provides even pressure across all of your teeth. This helps to avoid future dental problems and keeps your smile looking its best. The two dental arches are an important aspect of the overall dental system. When one or both arches fail to function properly, it can result in issues such as misaligned teeth and decreased biting force. Because orthodontists are skilled at correcting oral abnormalities, it is frequently advised that they fix both arches when necessary. This ensures the best dental alignment and protection possible.

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Orthodontists’ Strategy for Correcting Both Arches:

Orthodontic braces are a treatment used to realign teeth. They are made up of a series of metal or plastic wires that wrap around the arch of teeth. Orthodontic braces are typically worn for two years before being removed and the teeth are maintained by retainers. Orthodontists employ a variety of procedures to improve tooth alignment, the most common of which is brackets and wires. To achieve the best outcomes, braces can be used in combination with other treatments such as Aligners, soft tissue therapy, and dental implants. The primary objective of orthodontic braces is to realign teeth. Fixed appliances (brackets), movable appliances (wires), and clear aligners in Lahore are the three main types of orthodontic braces.

Clear aligners use no metal devices to gently push your teeth into proper alignment. aligner employs slightly more invasive techniques than other types of braces, but it provides greater freedom in terms of how you maintain it. It uses several clear aligners put beneath your gumline and connected to small springs that gently press your teeth into the desired position.

How are arches corrected during treatment?

The orthodontist can utilize a variety of procedures depending on the patient, but the most common is the use of rubber bands or elastics. They frequently come in a variety of sizes and give different levels of resistance when used. To achieve the quickest and most effective treatment, it is critical to follow the orthodontist’s instructions.

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